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Absolutely astounding. I can tell this started as a vision inside someone's mind, and we have been given the gift of being allowed to watch it now. Truly amazing. I will say that in terms of animation you have taken a couple short cuts in a few places, but I have seen how good your work can be. You have an amazing talent for storyboarding/setting up scenes and shots. While I have to admit the visuals started kind of slow it built up into an amazing journey through the clouds and into the sea and through memories and experiences... I absolutely loved it.

Brainqueen responds:

Thank you for the kind words. Budgets can limit creativity unfortunately for us all

The concept is nothing too new or interesting, but the execution is very impressive!

Edit: Actually, no... not only is the concept not new or interesting... it's almost as if every detail has been chosen to evoke the quintessential production that one imagines when you hear the words "animation art student film" all together. Starting with a sink dripping water, and to the lonely girl looking out the window within a hole in her chest, and a choker on her neck. Looking out at a starry night, no less... and with the very recognizable Vivaldi score you zoom into the unappreciated majesty of the cellular and molecular universe sitting right beside her... yeah I've seen it before. You did it super well. But it's been done and it's never been a very substantive concept to begin with. Yeah it's great that animation can accomplish that, and that you as an artist can accomplish that visual spectacle. But where is your personal impact on that concept? What in this piece is YOU? Because being perfectly honest, this seems just... generic to me.

I have the ability to slow down the playback speed, and at 0.80x speed, it was all much easier to take in. There is a lot to be impressed by here, let us see it!

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Are laundered and regular cash tied in any way? They both seem to go up at the exact same rate even if they are supposedly earning different amounts. For example: Cash is at 11.58M/sec, Laundered money is at 76.79M/sec, but both are going up at the same rate. This issue seems to be fixed if I click out of the game long enough for the Welcome Back screen to show up... but then comes back if I spend all my money again.

JmPrsh153 responds:

the cash goes up and you spend that, the cash can be taken away etc... but if you have laundered cash amount thats the same as cash then when it comes to your cash being taken away, there wont be any cash to take... the rate of each should be determined on their own per/sec etc so we will double check incase of a bug

I would really like to see this game with rooms other than a large perfect cube! I want to see a donut room, a long hallway, some kind of 3D maze maybe? If the environment had obstacles it would be great! Please add more maps! You know what would be really cool? If the walls expanded or contracted as you progressed. There should be a time trial mode, where there are a set number of collectables you try to get as fast as you can, and in that mode perhaps you just collect dots that already fill the area, so you don't have to waste time looking for where they spawned.

JimGiant responds:

Great ideas. There's a couple of new levels coming in the next update but complex maps will be coming later.

A really nice game. Plays very well with a gamepad too. The only thing I didn't like was how fast you seem to die... This is probably just because I wasn't noticing how much health I was losing. Maybe add a screen effect when you're low on health? Also, I think extra lives or checkpoints could be a good addition.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks! A screen effect for when you're low on health is a great idea! Glad you like the game and thanks for the review, feedback and nice score! :)

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I'm not one for techno

But.... This kicks ass! This is might be the best song I've ever heard.

DenVessidence responds:

lol glad you liked it.


greatest ever

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